The Not-To-Do List Template

NotToDoList_download (1).png

There are countless examples of how to create to-do lists, (there’s one or two on this site) plus various tools to help you track it all. How you track your actions is really important as otherwise, procrastination can creep in. Something I’ve come across recently that is so blindingly obvious I’m amazed I haven’t done it before is called the Not-To-Do List. This tool will help you find out what you should NOT be spending time on and help you either automate them, delegate them or eliminate them!

I have no stats to back this up, but I’m guessing the amount of time we spend not doing the things we should not be doing, massively outweigh the things we should!

A not-to-do list isn’t just about stopping non-impactful things completely, it can also be about automating the action or delegating it. For example, if you love a clean house and you spend a few hours a week cleaning it, why not delegate it and get a cleaner. You could be making money with your business in those hours saved or spending more time with your family. Or do you spend hours going back and forth at the supermarket, when you could do one big online every two weeks and repeat the order, or sign up with someone like Hello Fresh, who not only deliver your food but also tell you what recipes to cook with the food provided!

Download the FREE one page guide below on how to create a Not-To-Do list and see your productivity increase dramatically!