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Reinventing Work: London #2

The next meet up I’m attending is The Agile Mindset: Don’t Leave Home Without It hosted by Michael Sahota.


The Reinventing Work movement is made up of local groups who share, learn and practice new ways of working. Our purpose (written in pencil) is to make London a better place to work by putting humans front and centre of organisational life.

- This is the second Meetup of Reinventing Work: London -

We’re going to keep the agenda for this meetup completely open. On the day we’ll invite attendees to suggest topics, and give over the session to these conversations. So please come along with something you’d like to share, a question you’d like to ask, or an idea you’d like to explore! This could be anything from ‘I don’t know where to start’ to ‘I have this really specific issue I want some help with’ to ‘I’d just like to talk to other people who are interested in…’

Optionally, you may also want to think of an unconference method ( or liberating structure ( that you’d like to use.

At the end of the session we’ll get together to share any interesting thoughts or ideas with the group.

If you’re not sure if your idea is relevant, or you want some help to develop it further, we’ll be happy to help! Please do get in touch with the organising team via a Meetup message or on Slack (

- Location -

TBC. If you know of anywhere suitable, please get in touch.

- Are you wondering if this Meetup is for you? -

Reinventing Work: London is aimed at people in organisations that are interested in the future of work, self-organising teams, self-management, emergent hierarchies, participatory change, decentralised leadership, distributed authority, collaboration, new ways of working and organisation design. If you’ve heard of 'Brave New Work' by Aaron Dignan, Frederic Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organisations’, the Corporate Rebels blog, or the Leadermorphosis podcast, then this is definitely for you! If you haven’t, here are some links:

• Brave New Work (

• Laloux’s book (

• Corporate Rebels (

• Leadermorphosis (

• The Reinventing Organisations wiki (

Please have a read/listen/browse and if the ideas resonate with you then you’ll fit right in.

This group is for organisations who are already on, or about to begin, a journey reinventing their work. We want this group to be inclusive, so we encourage people who are curious about self-management and progressive ways of working to come along too.