The Car Brand Retrospective 

Car Brand Retrospective 

Start the session and ask everyone if you think about this sprint as a car brand, which car would you choose? So for example, if everything went amazingly well, you will have a few Ferrari’s. If the sprint had a few problems, you would probably get a few fiats. If it was a shocker, you may get a car without wheels!

Once everyone has written down their car, get everyone to reveal their car, but don’t go into the discussions why just yet. Let everyone see the other person’s choice first, so a bit like planning poker.

Next, get everyone to write down their dream car and share. Then give everyone 10 minutes to write down what they would have changed in the last sprint to have their dream card.

Next, as the Scrum Master, you need to group all this feedback up on the wall into relevant groups.

Then get the team to vote by marking the post with a sticker or a tick on what they think is the most critical problem that needs to be solved for the next sprint.