Episode 3: Setting Goals for Everything

On this weeks episode, I talk about an approach that has had a significant impact with me, my team and within our agency when it comes to setting goals at work, and that's creating goals for everything we do.

Now at first glance, this might seem like overkill and far to much work, but the value in doing this far outweighs the initial work needed (which isn't much).

I'm sure many of you have experienced receiving a request for your help from your boss, client or work colleague. Then when you've then shown them what you created, the feedback was "that wasn't what I  quite meant"

One way to help solve this is to get the briefing face to face, as hearing the request directly allows you to get more context from the requester.  Although this face time is invaluable, it still doesn't guarantee you will achieve what they need.

You can keep going into more and more detail with the requestor, but this takes time, and you may as well just do the work together. So what do you do? You set goals.


Ben Willmott